An Ichor Company

Ichor Therapeutics is among the most reputable and longest established biopharma companies focused exclusively on the diseases of aging.

Since 2013, Ichor has provided boutique services in drug discovery and aging research to support a growing list of clients that span government, non-profit organizations, start-up companies, and pharma.

In response to client demand for additional services, capabilities, and capacity, Ichor established Icaria Life Sciences, Inc. as its fully controlled and operated contract research arm in 2019.

Our Promise

“There is no denying that human aging is being redefined as a syndrome amenable to pharmaceutical intervention. This presents unprecedented opportunities for the amelioration of disease and optimization of health.

As former Director of Extramural Research at Ichor Therapeutics, I was astounded and inspired by the rapid growth in the space, emerging technologies to combat aging, and took pride in our role in supporting these early efforts.

As President at Icaria Life Sciences, it is my mission and promise to continue providing unparalleled support towards accelerating progress so that all of us, together, can deliver on the immense promise of this field.”

—  Huda Suliman, PhD, MBA, President at Icaria Life Sciences, Inc.