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Icaria Life Sciences, Inc.

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Icaria Life Sciences is the first biopharmaceutical contract research organization dedicated exclusively to the diseases of aging.

We bring industrial rigor and quality assurance to discovery workflows in new and emerging focus areas for aging. Our emphasis on process standardization and method robustness ensures experimental reproducibility.

Working with Icaria is a collaborative experience. We cultivate relationships that are genuine and meaningful to advance the inspiring research of our clients. We view our role not as that of a vendor, but that of a partner.

Engaging Icaria has enabled us to variablize the fixed costs of operating a lab and dedicate our capital to scientific work. Icaria's responsiveness and thoroughness are unmatched. We rely on their strategic guidance and competent experimental work; truly a partner rather than merely a vendor.

Jeremy Elser, Ph.D.
CEO at Ship of Theseus, LLC

LRI has engaged Icaria as our preferred vendor for murine lifespan studies. Icaria offers impressive transparency, creativity, and a willingness to accommodate unique project requirements, all with a rigorous culture of reproducibility and animal safety. We expect to partner with them for years to come.

Sarah Constantin, Ph.D.
Executive Director at The Longevity Research Institute

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Our standardized project packages provide clients with representative design specifications and costing for a variety of routine services. All packages can be customized to meet any client need and budget. A-la-carte pricing for package add-ons enables rapid go/no-go decisions for clients regarding changes to project scope.

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